Prepositions of Movement


Level: This is suited to A2- level students, but can be used with a strong A1-level class.

Time: 1.5 hours +

This Prepositions of Movement lesson plan focuses on the following prepositions of movement and direction: into, onto, out of, off, away, away from, toward(s), up, down, around, across, along, under, over, and past. It starts with a short introduction. Then the students match the prepositions to the images.

Next, there are language notes providing further information on each preposition. Following this there are gap-fill and speaking exercises to practise what the students have learnt. Finally, the students revise the vocabulary they have encountered during the lesson with an image/vocab matching task.

We have a teacher’s copy (including teacher’s notes, a pronunciation guide, and an answer key) and a student version which you can email to your class for online lessons.

For best results when printing our PDFs, open and print them through Adobe Acrobat.

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