Giving Advice Game


Level: A2 – B2

Time: 40 minutes +

This ‘Giving Advice’ board game helps students develop fluency & accuracy in the use of the advice language. It can be used to practise a variety of advice language, depending on the level.

For higher-level students, they could practise a variety of verbs/phrases (You should…, You ought to, Why don’t you…, How about…, If I were (you/in your shoes/in your position), I would…, You had better…, You could…) and so on.

For lower-level students, it can be used to focus solely on should / shouldn’t and possibly Why don’t you…’.

There is a teacher copy, which includes an A4 version of the board and teacher’s notes and an A3 version of the board available to download. 

For best results when printing our PDFs, open and print them through Adobe Acrobat.

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