Prepositions Game B1


Level:  This is most suited to B1 level students but could be used with a strong A2 group.

Time:  20 minutes +

This is a prepositions guessing game for B1 students. The students work in groups and take turns picking a card and reading an example sentence with a missing preposition to the other students in their group. The other students in the group must guess the missing preposition by shouting out the answer.

There is also a follow-up homework task where students complete the sentences with the missing prepositions. We also have a B2 and C1/C2 version.

We have a teacher’s copy (including teacher’s notes, a pronunciation guide and an answer key) and a student version which you can email to your class for online lessons.

For best results when printing our PDFs, open and print them through Adobe Acrobat.

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